2018 Recap

Hunslet Foundation

Hunslet Foundation 2018 recap

Finally we are now back live on our website, we will be keeping you all updated with regular updates on the work that is going on with the Hunslet Foundation. First of all we would like to let you all look back on the successful 2018 we had last year, putting us in a good position moving forwards into 2019.

We have had a change in management, a new culture some may say, and it has also opened a lot more eyes into where we can go in the future which is always interesting.
Let’s start off with the success of this year, we have delivered to 4387 individuals this year and we have hit some incredible achievements a long the way. This year we have gotten into even more schools, a few of you may not have been aware but we were restricted to only the South Leeds area, however now we have spread our wings and gone further out of the area. This proves beneficial as we are now promoting ourselves to a wider audience and at the same time creating further links within the community. We have also had great success with curtain raisers, bringing in an unbelievable effort of 38 Yorkshire Juniors community teams. We have held women’s fixtures one of those being the Leeds Rhinos Women vs Wigan Warriors Women on the 12th August pre-Hemel Stags.
Going back to the York game back on the 6h May and the Bradford Bulls game on the 15th July both games we averaged 600 people coming through the gates just as part as curtain raiser teams and guests. This was an incredible achievement for the foundation and one we are very proud of.
We pride our self’s on numbers as not a lot of people are aware of who we are and what we do but things are changing, and we are beginning to make our self’s a lot more well known to the community. We hope to continue to provide our fans with regular updates of what we do and where we have been via our Foundation Website and on our Twitter page HunsletRugby.
This year as well as these numbers and who we have worked with a long the way we have also partnered up with Active Leeds delivering Triathlon sessions in local schools, meaning as well as having qualified rugby coaches we now have more weapons in our armour as we have qualified Triathlon coaches too. A long with that we have appointed a Leeds Trinity student on a 2-year volunteered work experience role one day a week which proves very useful as this is an extra pair of hands on deck and with that he brings an exciting range of new fresh ideas to the Foundation. You will find more information about our voluntary worker in the staff list on the foundation website.
With change comes opportunity and I think it is a fair to say that this year has proven that. It has been a very successful year for the fFoundation and we are starting to get even bigger. The popular memories club is still going ahead the first month of every Wednesday and the same with the breakfast club on a Friday morning run by Peter Jarvis and co (more details to follow). These clubs are very fitting to our older generation of people as this makes available social hours to spend with their friends. The board of trustees has had a freshen up which has meant people taking new roles that are involved within the work for the Foundation, but each person has put their hand up to take lead on at least one of the roles which again puts us in good stead, proving we have committed members involved with the Foundation.
From last year we have improved a lot and things are really starting to look up, our curtain raisers, community work in schools, the delivery of sessions, memories club, breakfast club, the events we make our self’s present to and the numbers we are working with proves that we are on the way to even more success.
Next year, hopefully with the squad Gary Thornton has put together, we should have a promotional contending team on the field and hopefully we can support that off the field by increasing the numbers through the gates.
Unfortunately like most things we need to be backed financially as these things cost money, we need the support to ensure we can guarantee this going forward and we can then plan long term.
We are all very excited with the future of the Foundation and the club. If you haven’t already gotten yourself a ticket, get your self to the ticket office as 2019 looks to be a promising year. For further enquiries regarding the Foundation work we do, any businesses, schools or communities please feel free to contact myself on email – hawks.michaelnuttall@gmail.com

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