Hunslet Honour Their Heroes


Hunslet Honour Their Heroes

Pat Benatmane had the honour of presenting heritage certificates to Stephen McGrail to acknowledge the playing achievements of all the Goldthorpe brothers who played for Hunslet with great distinction.

Stephen is the great grandson of Albert Goldthorpe, the rugby league legend who captained Hunslet to the historical “all 4 cups” triumph of 1907-08. Albert was the superstar of his era playing 719 matches and kicking over 1,000 goals !!!

Walter wasn’t far behind him playing 625 games, scoring 91 tries and 129 goals. James was the first brother to play for us recording over 200 appearances. William and John Henry may not have matched those impressive stats (27 and 11 appearances respectively) but are still valued members of Hunslet’s proud history.

It was left to Peter Jarvis to present Gary Hetherington, the Rhinos CEO, with his certificate to mark his 4 games for the Club. According to Jarvo Gary’s stats were “played 4, tries 1, drop goal 1, knock ons 20, missed tackles 35”.

Pat commented “Enough of teasing our Rhino friend, we value all our players and their work on and off the pitch and so, with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, each player has been allotted a Heritage number. This has been a massive task, undertaken by Martin Flynn and Steve Calline”.

Watch out for future presentations throughout the season.

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