Marcus Broadhead

Leeds Trinity Student

Work experience

Marcus is now 6 months into his work experience with the Foundation and we asked Marcus how he is finding his experience so far working alongside the clubs development officer Michael Nuttall.

“I have been volunteering one day a week with the foundation for several months now, in addition to a five week block placement that I recently completed with them as part of my university degree. During this time, I began shadowing the foundation’s development officer, Michael Nuttall. My ability to deliver lessons to the schools we go in to has improved massively over the time I have spent with Michael; I have grown in confidence and gained invaluable experience up to this point. This has been demonstrated when I have planned and delivered lessons of my own. I have found my experience very enjoyable, and very helpful in terms of developing the skillset that is required of me in the career I have planned ahead of me.
Working in the environment which I do at the foundation has allowed me to be myself around the staff that work there and focus on bettering my ability as a coach to the children, which is very reassuring. As I continue to work with the foundation I am hoping to further expand my understanding on the things that are needed in order to be a successful coach/leader; with the help of Michael, I am confident that I will be able to do so”

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