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Back to schools

We are back in schools from today and we cannot wait. Clubs development officer Michael Nuttall will be attending schools with a full diary going into the new academic year.

“This year we are possibly as busy as I can remember in the last 6 years I have been with the Foundation. Our reputation in the schools around our local community has provided us with a lot of work as schools booked us back in April to start fresh with them from September 2021 up until July 2022. This is great news for the Foundation as we can continue to deliver quality work to our local young people and support them throughout their journeys to become better people. I will have Tyler, who is our student on placement with me through the whole academic year as well. Tyler was with me for the final term of the last academic year and was a breath of fresh air and throughout these summer holidays he has progressed even more, so I am excited to see his progression throughout this year too. This year we have a fantastic partnership with the Luke Gale Academy which will see us working in schools, engaging with young people to direct them to a local community club. We are also supported by our local council with a new Middleton Project which we cannot wait to get started”

Keep an eye out for further updates, as we will be expecting a great year for the Foundation this academic year.

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