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Tyler Finister


As most of you are aware, the Hunslet Rugby Foundation have taken on Leeds Beckett student Tyler Finister on a placement year. This placement offers both Tyler and the Foundation valuable opportunities. Tyler is 6 weeks into his placement now and is relishing his experience.

Tyler had a very good week last week and has commented on his experiences so far.

“Over the last week I have further developed my coaching skills, not only leading a session but by taking smaller groups and running my own passing drills. During the session Michael split the larger groups into 4 teams he would take two teams and play a game of touch rugby whilst I took the other two groups and ran my own passing drills (teaching the children how to throw and catch the ball and explaining the importance of passing when in a game). These teams would rotate between Michael and myself allowing all teams to take part in both the activities.
At first I was nervous about taking charge of a small group but Michael reassured me that he would be there to jump in if I needed him. He also reminded me of how well I did last week and told me he was confident that I would do really well, this settled my nerves as it boosted my confidence and made me more excited. Whilst leading my drills I wanted to make sure I made them as fun as possible for the kids whilst also making sure I taught them how important passing and catching correctly is in a game as well as communication.
Last week me and Michael also spent a lot of hours looking at any sources of income we can get into the foundation. Michael helped me set up an excel sheet of all the grants I have found that are currently running or will be in the near future. Applying for grants is something I haven’t had a lot of experience with so Michael helped me process multiple applications which has given me the confidence to apply for grants on my own. I will use the excel sheet Michael helped me set up to keep track on the progress of all the grants I have applied for and to remind me of any future grants to apply for.
I cannot thank the Foundation and especially Michael enough for everything so far and I cannot wait to continue to develop my skills here with the team. Being a local lad my self, I am very passionate about the work that goes into our local community and the standards set by the Hunslet Foundation is absolutely brilliant and I feel lucky to be involved, already since I have been involved we have had a number of children join local amateur clubs on the back of the coaching sessions delivered by the Foundation”
Development officer, Michael Nuttall also commented on Tyler’s placement so far “Tyler is a good kid and someone I have known for a few years now so I was already confident in having him assist me during his placement, Tyler asks a lot of questions and is very eager to learn and you can see with every session how much he is developing and becoming more confident to speak to larger groups. We have a very good relationship with the universities in our city and we are always open to students wishing to deliver a placement year with us. Having Tyler around has been valuable for the Foundation as he brings with him fresh ideas and local identity. Tyler has until December 2021 with us and I am looking forward to seeing Tyler improve over the next few months”

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