Social Inclusion

Bringing health and well being to your community.

Our Aims

We work in partnership with Leeds Trinity University

This partnership benefits both the Hunslet Foundation and Leeds Trinity. The target is to promote the delivery of sport in schools, it has also provided different qualifications for our Development Officer and provide Voluntary work experience for their students with the club and Foundation. 

We have been working in partnership with Leeds Trinity now since October 2019.

Working with our partners we attract young people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds with an emphasis on integrating BME (Black Asian and Eastern Europeans) communities into the wider communities. We will also have a focus on women’s and girls engagement delivering healthy and active lifestyle messages including the benefit of regular sporting activity.

We seek to identify and encourage new volunteers to become leaders/ coaches of their chosen sport/activity.

We provide a menu of fun, engaging activities, that young people can choose from on a come and try it basis, as sessions progress and activities are repeated links to local providers are established.


Creating safe communities for all

Sports participation creates so many opportunities – not only providing obvious health benefits, but also less tangible benefits associated with community cohesion and personal achievement, through, for example, helping to develop community networks, providing positive activities for young people and creating competitive opportunities. Above all, it is also an enjoyable experience.

Crime Prevention

Our Mission is to raise awareness amongst young people, about the causes, consequences, penalties and impact of crime. We want young people to stay safe, aspire and become law-abiding citizens.

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